101 Best DTC Brands Facebook Ads Creatives

A list curated after evaluating 1000+ DTC brand's ads

101 Best DTC Brands Facebook Ads Creatives

Darius Kunca
53 minutes read
The eCommerce industry is seeing the more rise in competition than ever.

It's needless to say that it's even more important to stand out from the crowd. To achieve that, your creative needs to primarily be 'thumb stoppers' and should evoke emotions

We’ve generated over $204M+ in DTC eCommerce sales, spent over $71M+ on Facebook Ads profitably and helped to build 6, 8-figure Direct to consumer brands. Along that journey, we have learned 51 important lessons to scaling in a DTC eCommerce brand.

In this article, we have curated a list of the best DTC ads we have seen during our journey at AdKings.
1. Averr Aglow
Created By AdKings
Aver Aglow uses an interesting visual in this ad. The model has a body double that depicts Akne and the message passed here is that the audience should not fight their bodies but fight Akne using Aver Aglow products.

It is an interesting concept that really appeals to an audience that have grown to hate themselves because of a skin condition.

This ad really focuses on this pain point and presents the product as a great solution the audience can use.
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2. Blender Bottle
This Ad for Strada uses a rocket-launch theme and sound to highlight the different features of the Blender bottle. The product is a simple one with somewhat common features.

However, the way it is presented in this Ad gives the audience a sense of innovation and excitement. The features are also well displayed to give the audience all the information they need about the product.
3. Sheertex
Sheertex focuses on one pain point in this Ad, which is wear and tear. Many people who wear tights consistently often complain about how it tears and rips at the slightest pressure.

Sheertex highlights how strong their product material is by trying to rip it without success. This is to show the audience that their product will not rip easily.

This immediately sparks their interest and encourages them to learn more about the product.
4. Complement
Created By AdKings
Complement uses the influencer marketing strategy for this ad to reach the right people.

Using trusted influencers to sell your product almost always works because audiences will make fast busying decisions off their recommendations alone. Complement focuses on highlighting different USPs in this ad and also mentions why it is a great addition to any vegan diet.

Combining influencer recommendations with a focus on audience’s pain point is always a great way to get those valuable clicks.
5. Bonobos
There’s no better way to attract a new audience to your site than an exciting offer. Here Bonobos wants to highlight the offer - 15% off. To make the offer and creative eye catching they have smartly used the offer and product as the center of attraction.

Bonobos is a well known brand, and anyone interested in buying the product, would jump in on the sale opportunity.
6. Optimum Nutrition
Many fitness enthusiasts often miss a day, week or month of workout for various reason.

This brand uses this common experience to their advantage in this Ad. Telling the audience not to panic about missing workouts but use their products to 'get back on track' is an excellent way to connect.

Potential customers who are dealing with this situation will likely be interested in trying anything that can get them back into their routine. This is how this brand will get those valuable clicks.
7. Balenciaga
Everyone is trying to be creative. Everyone’s trying to stand out. Now how can you do it differently? Well, this is how you do it! The creative is simple but it surely works. As told before, a slight twitch and twist can make a great difference.

This Ad has used a good tactic to make the audience stop and take a good glance at it.
8. Cadbury
The contrasting colors and the half peeled wrapper does a good job catching attention.

This Ad does a good job retaining attention by adding a loud suspenseful siren music and a shift in perspective.

This shall surely amaze the viewer. The purpose of this Ad is to create brand awareness and create a lasting effect about Cadbury.

The reverse psychology based copy works well and creates a desire to do the opposite and try out this delicious egg.

9. Premama Wellness
Created By AdKings
Wellness product ads perform better when past reviews are highlighted.

Since there are so many options in the market, great reviews help the audience make a decision faster. This ad by Premama wellness simply states why the product is needed and then completely focuses on past reviews.

It’s simple, effective and gets the job done.
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10. Jared
The color of the images in ads can help make or break it. Black and white creatives are very powerful. It makes the audience focus and concentrate more on the essentials and details of the product. So, if you’re using black and white creative, it needs to be of high quality.

The brand has used a clever way to make the audience pause. With so many colors and contrast in your feed, a black and white clearly stands out.
11. Footaction
Colors matter in ads. Your audience notices color before words. It conveys mood, emotions and energy. And thus, it holds a great importance in ads.

There is a reason why the zig-zag pattern is used on the road. It catches attention. Footaction has acted smart and used the concept in their ad. It clearly attracts attention.
12. 437 Swimwear
Ads with social awareness messages always do wonder. They are a great way to bring more reach and clicks. Here, 437 Swimwear has smartly used vitiligo woman in their ad to grab the attention of the audience.

If you talk about swimwear, you imagine a beach, bold and sensual women. A vitiligo woman for a swimwear brand? Well, this is what you hardly expect and this is what makes the difference.

The brand has used body acceptance as the angle. This not only is going to bring more clicks, but will be a great move for their branding strategy.
13. Stance
A life less ordinary! Well, your ads should also be less ordinary. Ads are meant to entertain people. The colors, the creative angle and canvas concept combined together looks attractive.

Static ads have limited space and how you make that space entertaining matters. With the concept of blank canvas, stance has beautifully added the color to the ad.

The ad has a good angle, the text on it tells you to be different, and with call-to-action 'learn more' is a nice way to attract the audience to explore your brand
14. Rolling Square
Created By AdKings
In this ad, Rolling square simply focuses on the functionality of the product in comparison to other options in the market, from fast charging to phone-to-pohone charging, the USPs of the product are fully highlighted for the audience to see.

Also, it’s always important to highlight how easy your product is to carry around (if it applies) and Rolling square does this.

Any customer who was unsure about the product would definitely get all the necessary information from this Ad.
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15. Atoms
Testimonial ads are just like word of mouth, and hence they’re the most effective tactic to drive sales. Review, or testimonial ads are proven to bring more clicks. They help you get all the attention of your audience.

Moreover, the review or testimonial will help create trust and strengthen brand credibility.
16. Thinx
The more real your ads are, the more attention it grabs. Nowadays, people love to see real things instead of fancy things. The audience resonates with these kinds of ads more.

Here, Thinx as a brand tried to show them more real. They have a real body picture as a hook and have offered a 50% discount deal to create urgency. This ad keeps people's attention.
17. Bellroy
With a huge competition these days, you need to have a defined narrative or defined angle in your ads to engage with your audience.

There are so many competitors in this niche, and you need to stand and with creative, Bellroy exactly does that. Trashed vs treasure - the concept clearly makes them stand out. The design is attractive, and the copy is clear and convincing. A complete package ad!
18. Rothy's
Compared to a plain white background, this ad creative will attract more attention in the Facebook feed full of photos.

Here the complete focus is on the product and its features. The product is shown at the center of the ad, which directly grabs the attention of the audience. Also, it clearly conveys the end benefits of the product.

The copy is short and simple. Too much text can make the audience lose their attention.
So, this is a good strategy used by Rothy’s.
19. EMF Harmony
Created By AdKings
A large number of people are now working from home full time and this ad by EMF Harmony targets them directly.

By speaking about a way people could be harming themselves without realizing it, this brand creates a sense of worry and urgency in the minds of the audience.

This pushes them to not only learn more about the product but make a purchase just to be on the safe side. Ads that trigger the audience’s emotions like this almost always results in sales.
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20. Perricone MD
Your audience is constantly comparing and assessing your brand and products  based on the opinions of other customers.

They’re constantly seeking advice from others and this is why establishing trust and credibility with your ads is highly important. With so many options at hand, the customer will only choose you if you can make them trust you. No trust means no customers.

Perricone MD has been in the skincare industry for more than 20 years now, and  they clearly understand the pain point of their customers.

They know how to spark the curious mind of the audience and challenge them to click.
21. Wildling
How do you make people want your product?

Show them a problem and give them a solution!

This ad is a perfect example of  showing what everyone’s thinking- what’s the secret of a great skin? What does your skin tell you?

And this is how you show it. This is a great way to stand out. Understand the concerns of your customers. They’ve got 100 questions in their mind.
22. Everybody.world
It’s very common in the fashion industry where brands like to show people what it would actually be like to wear their clothes. But this is widely used and it’s hard to catch the audience's attention with the usual model and clothes images.

People these days are concerned about the environment. They are switching to sustainable and ethical products more.  

Keeping this in mind, Everyday.world has captured this in a clever way. The ad directly says what it is about. No fuss or fling, just straight to the point
23. Sand & Sky
The best ads use high-quality, professionally shot images that stand out in the newsfeed. If your creative are of great quality, your audience will notice.

Here, Sand & Sky has followed the same. High-quality video, close up shot and attractive design-you're good to go!
24. Skinesa
Created By AdKings
For a remarketing Ad, it has a really good composition.

It actually serves two purposes, build trust and appeal to new audiences.

The Ad fulfils the primary objective, i.e, to create trust by showing a customer's testimonial. It also very neatly shows the product which helps with awareness for all the first time viewers.
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25. Hims
How do you make people want your product? Show them a problem and give them a solution!

If you cannot answer your customers' queries, your ads are not going to work. What are you offering and how are you solving the problem? This is why your customer is buying your product, to solve the specific problem.

Hims here has clearly highlighted the problem - Trouble sleeping? And how they can help.

26. Tkees
With a huge competition in the fashion industry, you need to have a defined narrative to engage with your audience.

Here Tkees makes a deliberate effort to step out of the conventional space. The creative clearly makes the difference. It breaks the stereotypes and clearly says: One for all.
27. Beauty Bay
The tilted angle does stand out. Straight angles are obvious. We see dozens of them everyday.

But this is slightly different and hence, it captures the attention. We can test product in a hundred different ways and this one is just one of those ways.

Sometimes little changes such as these are all what's needed to grab attention.
28. Big Blanket Co.
Before and after is the best strategy that always works. It creates desire among the customers and gives you credibility.

If we see this ad, then what a fun way to advertise your product. The ad has the before-after effect, and most importantly it has the humor that is going to unlock the giggles from your audience.

A perfect combination of creativity and humor. This is how you make your Ads go viral. The Ad connects with the audience emotionally and hence, it’s going to stay on their mind for a long time.
29. Squatty Potty
Created By AdKings
For brands that sell somewhat intimate products like this, going the comical or animated route in ads is always more tasteful and makes the audience feel at ease.

SquattyPotty highlights how the product is used, and how it benefits the user in this simple 8 second ad.

The audience now know exactly what to expect when they get the product and if they struggled with the act in the past, this Ad is the push they need to click.
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30. Billie
One of the best ways to get your audience interested in your product is to show it in use. This Ad by Billie highlights the different features that make the shaving razor different from the rest.

It focuses on the close shave of the product and shows how it glides across the skin without cuts or razor burns.

The end of the Ad showcases different top publications that have reviewed the product to create authenticity in the viewer's mind.

31. Ciga Design
You cannot go wrong with a dark, classy and sexy Ad theme for men’s wristwatches.

This theme is commonly used by many brands in this niche and for good reason. Knowing what appeals to your audience is a great way to get them to take action.

This Ad by Ciga Design keeps it simple and elegant with a focus on the product and its unique features.

32. FitAid
Your audience is always curious to know more about your product. The more you can offer them, the better.

In this ad, FitAid is the ingredients their drink contains. You drink a Fitaid can, and you get more energy and nutrition of three. The Ad starts with a great hook, showing all the ingredients at once and simple text on top of it. This makes it simple, crisp and attractive.
33. Clove
Clove has a clearly defined target audience 'healthcare'.

They have done a great job addressing a pain point, 'Squeak free' shoes, the USP itself is a solution to the pain point which is a challenging thing to pull off.

Where the copy would have been enough, they have created a very playful setup to hook even the general audience.
34. 1001 Words
Created By AdKings
This ad goes straight to the point and shows users how to use the software to learn a new language. It shows the audience how easy and fun it is to use the product without unnecessary words or CTAs.

Audiences that love learning this way will definitely be pushed to click.
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35. Tatcha
Your ads need to connect with people on a personal level. You need to make it desirable. If you can’t make your audience feel anything, why will they buy from you?

With this Ad, Tatcha is trying to lure the audience by making it desirable. The sensual lip creative and ‘for soft pillowy lips” text on looks appealing. It looks like a wanted product for the customers
36. Pepper
Nothing connects an audience to a brand more than a first-hand account by a customer.

Pepper introduces their cup gaps by highlighting a common issue faced by women of a smaller cup size.

By presenting a lasting solution while showing the problem clearly, audiences are excited to learn more about the product and will not hold back on those clicks.
37. Ollie
Old and new, us vs them and this and that are the proven creative angle for any industry. Designed in the right way, it is the best way to convince your customers why they should buy your product.

Here, this Ad is a clever move by Ollie. With Traditional dog food vs now angle, Ollie has clearly stated the benefits of the product.

As said, there’s no better way to sell your product than telling people what’s inside ad we can exactly see that in the Ad here. Giving more information spikes the interest of your audience and they click with full intent!
38. Persona
Get straight to the point. What is your problem? And how are you helping to solve the problem?

Don’t push your audience to deep thinking in the name of creativity. It will ruin your game. Instead be direct. At the end of the day, you’re selling products to humans.

The brand has pin-pointed the exact issue - Are you sick and tired? The problem directly pulls audience attention. And with a clear one line ad copy, they have offered the solution.

It’s personal and allows the audience to visualize themselves using your product.
39. Averr Aglow
Created By AdKings
Meme ads are a unique opportunity to encourage audiences to stop scrolling or browsing and actually pay attention to the ad.

If you can make your audience laugh, you can make them buy. It not only catches attention, but the kind of engagement it brings is remarkable. Meme ads are the powerhouse of massive attention and engagement.

But there are surely few things that you need to keep in mind:
- Keep your content relatable to your brand and product.
- Keep the copy simple and clear. Don't complicate it in the name of humor.
- Keep your message direct and easy to understand.
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40. Silvon
Bedding for better skin? Well this is something new. Isn’t it?

This is how you build curiosity. Bedding and skin together - looks like a mystery copywriting. This kind of ads makes the audience wonder what is inside. The curiosity pushes the audience to take the next steps.

Try to play with your copy. Make it fun and interesting. Unusual things grabs attention and this is a perfect example.
41. Freshpet
Pet care brands have a cheat code because people can’t get enough of cute puppies. It’s easy to get the audience’s attention with a picture/video of cute puppies, so what you do next determines if you will get those clicks.

In this Ad, Freshpet keeps the dialogue focused on the puppies and their food.

They highlight the issue with other kinds of pet food and share the USP of their product. This comparison strategy works great for audiences that want something different for their furry friends.
42. Lumin
Try to solve relatable problems to get the best results.

If you see this ad, The copy clearly shows the main problem and it also elaborates a bit more and gives out some product USPs. The brand has used this vs that angle and with effective copywriting to show the clear benefits of the product.

The creative could have been better but the copy saves the ad
43. Geologie
When your ad has the creative hook, it becomes much easier to entice a click. The great hook here is - popping paper. Acne or pimples are just like popping paper, you can’t resist the urge to pop them. It’s clearly a contextual ad screaming at the audience - Stop doing it.

This is going to be the attention grabber for most of the people.

The ad has the relatable, the popping paper stands out, and extremely clear about your value proposition. That’s how you make a perfect Ad.
44. Playlist Booker
Created By AdKings
Many new and upcoming artists struggle to get their music heard by a large number of people. Playlist Booker understands this pain point, and capitalizes on it in this simple Ad.

Since there are so many streaming platform options, the audience may not be fully convinced by speculated figures of how many listeners they could be reaching. This is why the brand used testimonials by prominent rappers and influencers in the industry as the extra push needed to convince the audience.

Now, most of the doubts are erased and they feel more comfortable clicking. Consumers are only getting smarter with how they spend their money, so taking the initiative to convince them, as shown in this Ad, is the way to get those sales.
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45. Petbarn
Red is a powerful color and has proven to capture attention even in the noisiest feeds.

Petbarn has carefully picked some great colors to direct attention as they intended. You can't help but see '100% Pet Nutrition' first and then the rest of the things.

This cute pup with half a tongue out invokes good emotions about the brand. A very simple yet powerful creative overall.
46. Tropicfeel
Sometimes good imagery is all you need and that shall work better than the best 'copy' possible.

If you dissect the Ad, it's a simple shoe image over 3 stock photos. But the way it's put together, it communicates 'all weather shoe' and makes you look twice.

That's exactly why it's important to define what problem your product solves. Once that is done, marketing becomes a cake walk.
47. Bandier
Thousands of brands sell T-shirts but the copy makes the brand stand out.

With the era of 'Supima Cotton' every brand is promoting 'Comfortable clothing'. However, it's important to understand how consumers behave and frame your copy.

Bandier went a step further and included an activity everyone is familiar with and made it a part of their Ad, 'A T-shirt you'll never want to take off'. This pastel color scheme helps create a soothing image about the brand too.
48. Bulletproof
Us vs them is a proven angle.

It’s a great way to catch the attention of your audience. With these kinds of ads, you directly tell your audience why you're the best and why they should choose you without giving any second thought.

The customers always want the best. And if you can prove them “how”, then there’s no going back.
49. Shuuk
Created By AdKings
You can never go wrong by riding the trend wave.

You'd have seen these videos on TikTok? 'What I bought' vs 'What I got'.

We at AdKings took this trend and made an Ad for our client Shuuk. The Ad looks organic and does a good job at making the viewers visit the website.
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50. Oofos
How do you make people really want your product? Looks like Oofos have cracked the code.

Buying online has a major drawback that you can't touch and feel the product. But if you can magically make the viewers 'feel' your product, you're going to sell out!

Right from the tilted angle to the copy, it's designed to make the viewers 'feel' a sense of 'lightness' if you wear these shoes.
51. Knix
Underwear is a category where consumers are very sticky. Once they get habituated to a brand, it's hard to get them to try a different one.

Knix took on this challenge and gave out a '30 Day Guarantee'. Is the cost worth it? Yes! Brands need to understand how it's okay to aquire customers at a loss for the habitual segment.

The creative looks fantastic as it is designed to appeal consumers of different size preferences and the color scheme creates a warm feeling about the brand.
52. Ace & Tate
Ace & Tate have an amazing line of sunglasses.

The product segment is now more about class than about the utility.

They have done a great job with this static Ad. Choosing a model with a strong personality and selecting a copy for addressing the on set of summer.
53. Zitsticka
Creating eye-catching images with simplicity is powerful. The Ad from Zitsticka here is simple, clear and depicts a clear value proposition with the copy. It clearly expresses the issues and the treatment.

What’s the hook here - instead of humans they have used a banana to show spots. Indirect yet to the point.
54. GripJoy
Created By AdKings
GripJoy creates a scenario with sock puppets for this hilarious Ad.

The script focuses on why the model chooses Gripjoy socks over the other option and emphasizes its non-slip feature as the USP. For an audience looking for great, sturdy socks, this Ad will get them clicking.
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55. Brilliant Earth
Women love jewellery, and Brilliant Earth knows just how to showcase its products.

From the model to the sound and theme, this Ad focuses on rings and gives the audience an idea of how they will feel when they put one on.

The Ad starts and ends with the brand name, which is also the last word used in the audio. Great touch for a lasting effect in the viewer's mind.
56. Credo Beauty
For everyone out there who has OCD, this is a thumb stopper. Though when you give it a closer look, the creative looks soothing with the melted punchy colors.

Overall, the creative stands out and directs attention to the USP 'high fidelity color correctors'.

For a static creative, Credo beauty has done a great job. Otherwise it's hard to bring about the same results even with a GIF or a video.
57. Shapermint
Starting an Ad by addressing the exact audience group you want to reach is a great way to get them to stop scrolling and pay attention.

Highlighting a pain point also keeps them invested and showing how the product works will definitely get you those clicks. Also, Shapermint mentions that users can exchange and return without issues which is a very important caveat in this industry.

Focusing on what is important to your audience while leaving out the noise will encourage valuable clicks.
58. Daiya Foods
Here the Diary design is simple, yet it sparks curiosity.

With this creative, the reverse writing does stand out. It has the power to stop the scroll. The reverse writing will attract the audience and make them read the rest of the ad.

Also if you see the copy, it says: change your perspective on plant-based. The copy and design together clearly state the purpose of the ad, which makes it clear what the ad is about.
59. Kaplan MD
Created By AdKings
This Ad is in-depth, informative and has all the features of a great ad. It focuses on the audience’s pain point and really explains why the product works, while mentioning the active ingredients.

There is a good mix of models and also a customer review at the end to really sell the product and motivate the audience to trust the brand and click to learn more.
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60. YETI
Yeti goes straight into the details of the product in this Ad. By highlighting the USPs of the product, the audience can already see what they will get if they make a purchase.

This simple, straightforward strategy is perfect for brands that sell products like water bottles.

Since there is a lot of competition in this niche, it’s important to highlight why and how your products stand out from the rest.
61. Harry's
Like always, Harry’s ad is clean and on point. Harry’s have used the “us vs them” angle which is a proven strategy. The creative is simple, clean and minimalistic.

The messaging is clear here. Without any bling or fuss, they have used a straightforward approach and it clearly shows why they’re the best.
62. The Beard Club
A lot of men deal with patchy, scattered beards and since this brand is trying to promote a beard growth oil, highlighting a common pain point of their preferred audience is a smart move.

The Ad shows how the product is used and what results can be expected with a clear visual transition of the different growth stages.

It's simple enough to give the audience the information they need and encourage valuable clicks.
63. Crossrope Jump Ropes
Crossrope has aimed to bring a revolution in the fitness industry. Some of the best Ads starts with an intriguing question.

As the video starts, it asks 'What does your next level look like?'. This is a powerful question which definitely catches attention. Even with such a generic product, they have managed to make it stand out.

Showing people from different gender and ethnicity makes the brand inclusive.
64. Rhino USA
Created By AdKings
A powerful brand like Rhino USA needs a powerful copy. We came up with this copy after brainstorming a lot.

The copy paints quite an amusing picture in the viewer's mind and reinforces the strength of Rhino's products.

What is important for the brand is to communicate effective use of the products. We took a video walk through video from the client along with this hook and it did wonders. It became one of the best performing Ads for the brand.
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65. Aarke
For this Ad, Aarke invested in high-quality visual effects that force the audience to stop scrolling and just watch.

The subtle color theme complements the rose gold carbonator 3 (the product) perfectly and takes the audience on a journey of how their lifestyles can improve by getting the product.

Since it’s an Ad targeted at sparkling water lovers, the story focuses on the water and the product instead of the model and reinforces the quality of the product.
66. Ziptop
Ziptop explores different ways the audience probably performed an act and highlighted why each of those methods are problematic.

This creates a sense of worry in the audience and they become interested in a better way to perform the act.

By introducing their product and showcasing why it is better than the other products, Ziptop sparks an interest in the audience who are now pushed to click to learn more or make a purchase.
67. Beis
Influencer marketing works wonders for a product. Here, Beis decided to use Actress Shay Mitchell as the face of their product - the quilted fanny.

The script highlights the great qualities of the bag, stating its functionality and comfort, from the adjustable strap to the side pockets. At the start of the script, she emphasizes the faux lambskin material of the product which is a vital detail.

She also shows users different ways the product can be worn and the visual effects are a nice touch.
68. Fracture
Fracture shows how their product can help audiences capture the most special moments in their lives and have them forever.

This Ad is simple, and it completely shows the audience the functionality of the product, how it can be placed on surfaces or nailed to walls.

The audience now has a clear knowledge of what the product will look like and this pushes them to make those buying decisions.
69. Pet Food Australia
Created By AdKings
A brand can continue running Ads which are about the product and get a 'good' ROI. Sometimes they have to do something out of the box to get a 'great' ROI.

Doing a Meme Ad is a gamble as it can either be a complete rockstar or go complete sideways. We created this Ad for PFA and it performed really well!

It helped the brand to tap a lot of new customers at a fraction of the cost. You can get tons of engagement and low CPM’s with these Ads. They’re funny, relatable, and most of all – organic.
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70. Blueland
Blueland highlights all the issues with an old, commonly used generic product.

Ranging from the impact on the environment, usage difficulties, etc, these issues set the tone for Blueland dishwasher pods to come in as an innovative, eco-friendly product that works better and is easier to use.

Ads like this work well because it highlights commonly-faced issues and creates a sense of real need for the product in the viewer's mind.
71. Cocunat
One of the most effective strategies for advertising beauty products is showing them actively used by real people. Cocunat uses this strategy to advertise its hair products, promising perfect hair in 30 minutes.

It is always great for the audience to see themselves in ads, so using models of different races and hair textures shows the versatility and authenticity of the products.

The close-up product shots and application in this Ad take the audience on a short journey that ends in a bigger product shot and a boldly written USP.
72. Function of Beauty
This Function of Beauty ad is simple and straightforward.

It showcases models with two of the most common hair types to appeal to a wide group of people and tells audiences they can formulate their own shampoos based on the unique needs of their hair.

The Ad goes directly into the USP of the product/brand while maintaining clean visuals.
73. Spot & Tango
Spot & Tango gets the attention of the audience in this Ad using a play on a popular dog food term “kibble”.

Their product, “Unkibble” is stated to be completely different from the former and an innovation in the world of dog foods.

This Ad would specifically appeal to dog owners whose pets have reacted badly to kibble and have been looking for a perfect alternative.

Spot & Tango also highlights how unkibble is made in a special drying process that would surely spark the audience’s interest.
74. Black Velvet
Created By AdKings
Everyone looks forward to those special days of the year. Birthday, anniversary or just another reason to celebrate. Black velvet Addresses this very segment.

Even with fierce competition from the local stores, we managed to create a spectacular Ad to appeal to their Target audience.

We started off with reminding viewers about their special moment and Addressed the top objections.

- 7 Day Delivery
- Incredible taste by award winning bakers
- Covid safe

If you can correctly Address viewer's objections, you'll have a flood of orders coming.
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75. Fabletics
This Ad by Fabletics takes the audience straight into past reviews and highlights the functionality of the products.

Audiences can see the vital features they often look out for in activewear, like stretch, style, material, sweat-proof and of course, pricing.

Fabletics keeps it straight to the point with this Ad. By focusing on the audiences’ pain points, Fabletics shared a strong message that prompts the audience to click.
76. Love Wellness
Love wellness is specifically targeting and the myriad of issues they have to deal with, ranging from periods, to weight gain, etc.

The Ad uses images that every woman would directly relate with even without saying much, while offering a range of different products as a solution.

The visuals offer just enough information to make the audience curious enough to go on the website to learn more about the products that cater to their specific needs.
77. Fantom
This simple Ad by Fantom is a great strategy, especially when you have a product with strong features that need to be highlighted.

Wallets are very practical and the simpler the design, the more it appeals to the audience. Fantom showcased their simple design in this Ad by highlighting how the audience’s cards and other personal items would fit into the product compared to other old models.

This is an innovative way to create a real sense of need and encourage clicks.
78. Bombas
This Ad by Bombas is an excellent play on the audiences’ emotions. It starts off by presenting a problem faced by homeless people before highlighting the product and how a purchase can help solve the stated problem.

So, audiences are moved to purchase the product to lend a helping hand to the homeless and support a philanthropic brand, not because they are absolutely in need.

This strategy works great for generic products like clothing as there is immense competition.
79. Ellie Grace
Created By AdKings
Your Ads doesn't always need to be all about the product. As you explore different style of Ads, you'll understand it's invoking emotions.

The Ad starts with a happy customer and her take on the product and with just 3 seconds of watching it, the viewer is hooked.

We designed this Ad for our client Ellie Grace from an emotional stand point and it performed phenomenally well.
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80. Savage X Fenty
A long detailed Ad that shows all the details of the product from wear to size and fabric always captures the audience’s attention; especially when the brand is a popular one.

Savage X Fenty did not hold back on this Ad. They showcased different kinds of the same product and focused on how it made the model feel.

This Ad is obviously targeted at a demographic of women that want to feel bold, beautiful and sexy and they nailed it.
81. Beard Brand
This Ad by BeardBrand simply focuses on showcasing great customer reviews.

Since this is quite a saturated industry with several competitors, a basic Ad copy may not appeal to the audience as much as concrete user reviews would.

Using past reviews from real customers is a great way to show social proof that the product works and this will definitely spark the audience’s interest.
82. Bite
What better way to stand out with an Ad than to capitalize on a viral moment.

It also helps if your product is innovative and eco-friendly. With this Ad, Bite focuses heavily on the eco-friendly properties of the product as a permanent replacement for regular toothpaste.

It goes on to show how the product is used, which the audience will find really helpful since it is the first product of its kind in the market.

The Ad ends with the price of the product. With new products like this, squeezing as much vital information as you can in the Ad yields great results.
83. Flaviar
The best Ads are the ones the audience can connect with, regardless of how short they are. This Ad by Flaviar brings the audience in on a scenario where they can share a drink with their friends all around the world.

Audiences crave the need for connections, especially with the pandemic and will be pushed to try out the product and share the experience with their friends.

This kind of Ad also works great with some sort of challenge where audiences can share videos while enjoying the drink with their friends virtually to win a prize.
84. 786 Cosmetics
Created By AdKings
These type of TikTok videos are intriguing and have the capability to go viral.

We took a simple TikTok trend and created a video around the brand's product. The production costs of these videos are practically zero but performance wise they outperform high budget Ads.

It features the product's USP, followed by how it works. Combing these and the viral style means a winning Ad.
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85. Tiny Organics
Tiny organics focuses on the pain points of parents struggling to start solid foods for their kids. It delivers a solution where parents don’t have to worry about what meals to make.

The entire Ad is focused on the child which captures attention and creates an emotional connection with the audience, pushing them to learn more about the brand.
86. Frank Body
When it comes to skincare product Ads, focusing on the audience's pain points is always a great way to get their attention.

This Ad from FrankBody opens with “Buh bye body acne” which immediately appeals to people struggling with the condition or know someone who is. This encourages them to keep watching. Also, FrankBody understands how vital ingredients are in the beauty community.

Sharing them in this Ad will increase the consumer’s trust in their products. The Ad is simple, straightforward and visually appealing. It passes the right message across.  
87. Suvie
Suvie Advertises a product that is supposed to remove the need for “unhealthy” takeout meals.

It starts by telling the audience to ditch the takeout orders and use the Suvie device to pre-cook their meals and have it dine by the time they are ready to eat.

Audiences who are struggling to eat more home-cooked meals but never have the time or energy to make them will love to learn more about this product.

It also highlights that the product is in high demand and audiences would be motivated to take advantage of the Ad and click to order theirs.
88 Flyte
Flyte showcases the futuristic design of its products in this simple, yet visually appealing Ad.

The audience gets a direct view of what the product would look like on different surfaces in their homes and this will encourage them to click.

The Ad is completely focused on the products with their associated names well displayed on the screen with a soft background sound. Audiences that love this kind of aesthetic will be encouraged to learn more about the products.
89. Goat Organic Apparel
There is a lot of speculation around how clothes are made, especially fast fashion pieces on whether they are made ethically or not.

Goat uses this to its Advantage by speaking directly to an audience interested in knowing how these clothing items are made.

This strategy captures the audience’s attention and is the extra push they need to keep watching the Ad and possibly click.
90. Family Gifts Co.
Created By AdKings
Once you have someone's attention and get them to click the thumbnail or just to autoplay the video, it's crucial to overload their senses with stimulation and intrigue them in the first 3 seconds.

As the product is super simple and doesn't require complex explanations, we've just focused on showing the viewers multiple designs, use scenarios, and combining that with various people of different age and ethnic groups to build a sense of social trust.

This Ad was one of the best performers for the brand during Christmas.
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91. Hanacure
Hanacure uses the best approach for skincare Ads by focusing on the customer. The audience can see exactly what the product looks like and get a feeling of what it feels like from the expressions of the models used.

Also, using models of different age groups is always a great strategy as it makes the product appealing to a wide range of people.

Instead of a simple and plain script, Hanacure uses a first-person account of what the product feels like and the benefits it gives.

This brings the audience closer and helps them connect with the brand and product, thereby encouraging those clicks.
92. Gainful
Gainful fully focuses on the pain point of its audience in this Ad. A clear shot of the product and a user narrating how his life has changed since he started using it is a great way to engage the audience.

Audiences can see how the product can easily be customized for their unique fitness needs/goals and this is another USP that pushes them to click that order button.
93. Hint
Hint Advertises their fruit-infused water by sticking to a basic, simple script that highlights all the benefits of the product.

Hint decides to highlight a fitness/health routine and inserts how their product is the best addition to live a fully fit and healthy life.

Viewers who are trying to get or stay healthy will appreciate the visuals and script of this Ad.
94. Homesick Candles
Homesick uses a brilliant strategy for this simple, yet very effective Ad. By focusing on different zodiac signs, their traits and the unique candles that appeal to these groups, Homesick attracts different groups of audiences.

Also, by not including all the zodiac signs and the associated candles in the Ad, the audience is pushed to click on the website and see what their candles look like. This could also prompt a buying decision.
95. Heybud Skincare
Created By AdKings
We did deep research and conducted surveys to understand consumer's pain points and their world view for this Ad.

We understood that a lot of purchases mAde by the target segment were happening due to emotional and social trust factors.

Also, consumers were conscious about what ingredients they put on their faces due to allergies and 'trends'. That's why the whole Ad image and feeling was made to look more 'organic' and not entirely professional to factor in the social trust aspect and make the Ad seem like a viral-video.
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96. Honey Love
Honeylove advertises their product as an alternative for bras and features three women of different body sizes/types.

It is important that this kind of inclusivity is shown in Ads, especially for clothing brands, as it tells the audience that they will probably find a product that they like on your website.

The Ad also states the size range their products cover, this way the audience can decide whether or not they need to visit the website. The Ad is quick, informative and gets the job done.
97. Young & Reckless
Using TikTok transition ideas and popular sounds to sell products like hoodies, as seen in this Ad by Young and Reckless is a great way to appeal to that exact demographic.

The desired audience already recognize and relate to this strategy so it doesn’t feel strange or different. Instead, they feel even more connected with the brand.
98. Huel
One of the major hassles plant-based eaters have to deal with is meal prepping.

Huel understands this unique pain point and starts the Ad with the option to eliminate it while offering their already-made meal as a better alternative.

Any plant-based eater who is tired of meal prepping would be enticed to keep watching. Also, plant-based eaters are very particular about their nutrients, so including this information in the Ad is a good move and will encourage those clicks.
99. Magic Spoon
A very simple, quick Ad that completely focuses on the product and the number of 5-star reviews it has received.

It's easy to guess that this is a remarketing Ad targeted to invoke trust and credibility about the brand.

This cereal brand for kids just uses this simple imagery so parents would naturally want to learn more and click to find out. The number of positive reviews is just another push to get the audience to click.
100. One Brands
This brand is aware of the fact that many consumers complain about protein bars having a certain “chalky” taste.

It capitalizes on this pain point and tells audience not to eat chalk, but to try their products instead. Talking directly to your audience using their major pain points is a great way to get their attention with Ads.
101. Silvi
Created By AdKings
The thumbnail surely makes the viewers wonder why the pillow is floating in air and thus creates curiosity.

Right from there, we can see a fast paced thoughtful copy over a series of fun-playful clips. It checks all the boxes for a perfect Ad.
- Catches attention
- Shows the product how-to
- USPs of using it

Overall, the formula for a winning Ad.
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