As AdKings Agency

We exist to be the first choice partner to eCommerce entrepreneurs who strive to challenge the status quo and conquer their biggest dreams.

Our Story.

We’re A-level challengers pursuing limitless growth, self-improvement & seeking to create an impact in the world.

Me, Darius, and my partner, Justin, have one common pursuit in life.

We constantly seek to reinvent ourselves and elevate ourselves to the next level.

You could say we relentlessly seek challenges and wholly believe in living a life without limits.

In fact, this is how AdKings took root.

We had been working in the digital marketing field for 5+ years at the time, and it was time to take it to the next level.

And what is a bigger challenge than taking multiple businesses to an 8-figure sales mark? This is a level only 0.4% of the companies in the world reach…
It sounded perfect for us. But in order to reach this goal we knew one thing for sure.

No way we could go it alone.

As the saying goes, “If you want to go fast, you go alone, but if you're going to go far, you go with the team.” And so this is how the quest to build the AdKings agency started.

A place where we celebrate the cream of the crop A-level talent.

We focus on creating a next-level team culture, a place for everyone to grow individually as well as together, creating a positive impact of incredible proportions in the future of businesses and people's lives.

After all, every client success story means one fulfilled entrepreneurial dream, countless new workplaces created, and hundreds of thousands of consumers' lives impacted.

Co-Founder of AdKings Agency


Our Core 6 Values and DNA

Limitless Growth

We're all believers that the way of life is never ending growth. Whether that would be personal growth, skill growth, or client business growth. The day you stop growing - you start dying. This is why, as a team, we're investing a lot of time in self-improvement and skill growth.

Extreme Ownership

We don't believe in micromanagement, but in creating the right environment and collecting people who hold themselves accountable. In our team, it's expected that if you see a problem, you solve it, or if you have a roadblock, you figure out a way to go around it.

Commitment to Client Success

Each member is expected to be highly committed to seeing our client's businesses succeed and treat them as if it would be their own. This means doing whatever is necessary at that moment and making decisions that put the client's business long term wellbeing first.

Impact 360°

With our work and knowledge, we strive to create an impact on people's lives. Whatever those would-be entrepreneurs fulfilling their biggest dreams, workplaces we create by scaling businesses or hundreds of thousands of consumers we touch.

Next Level Team Experience

We work hard, but play just as hard! We strive to create an environment and team culture where everybody feels as if long lost "growth" brothers and sisters. You can regularly see us doing challenges like "Wim Hof breathing course" or having all-paid-for-you team retreats in exotic countries full of adventures.

Team of A-level Players

There is a saying that you become what you spend the most time with. This is why we are creating a place where only A-level talent exists. An environment where this talent can shine, play, learn from each other, and grow further — thus creating a next-level impact in our client's businesses.