Experience the Power of Data Driven, High-Performance Content & Ads Creatives

We combine art & creativity with the science of data performance to create Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, SnapChat creatives and ads that scale.

Over 100 000+ Ads Created & Tested


Take A Peak Into The Content We Shoot All Around the World

We craft world-class creatives from scripting to shooting, editing, and launch.


Leverage the Power of Data-Driven Conversion Psychology & Native Channels Adaptation

Convert more scrollers into customers with conversion-driven creatives that give your brand an edge.


We Combine World Class Media Buying & Performance Creatives

Our rapid testing strategies will inform the best strategies to make YOUR brand standout.


Ability to Shoot & Edit Any Content You’ve Dreamed Off - Anywhere In The World

Access Pro Studio Shoot, 3D Render Videos and User Generated Content

Do you need a shoot in Thailand, London, or New York? We can arrange shoots at any location or style in the world needed for you to keep growing.

Access to different gender, age and ethnicity models


After Testing Over
100 000+ Creatives - We Simply Know What Will Get You Results

Crafting creatives that win is what we do everyday. Put yourself in the hands of experts and let us handle all of the hassle.

We will adapt to your budget and scaling needs.

You can only grow as fast as your creative production. Tap into top tier quality designs, on demand.


We’ve Developed Ways to Being On-Brand, Pushing Creativity & Driving Performance Up - All In One

We use a proprietary process to do market research. The first thing you’ll get is an in-depth document with pain points, selling angles, avatar, market, brand values, and unique selling proposition that will be used on every creative forward.

Our strategy adapts to your goals. Whether its an advertorial, a viral style video, or user generated content, we’ll test all creatives with artificial intelligence and Big data to only use the ads that produce results.

It’s really a collaborative process where we become a partner and an extension of your team and where you’ll have control of your brand message at all times.


We Understand the Nuances of Each Channel to Creative Content That Feels Native

Whether it’s a viral TikTok ad, an educational video or a giveaway GIF, we are always creating content that moves people into action.

People will feel connected to your brand with storytelling, emotional angles and value-based ads.

We measure every response to adjust our creatives to what actually brings sales.


We're More Than Just Creatives - We're the Full-Stack Growth Partners

We've grown businesses from $0 to $30M of yearly revenue, and at the same time helped to scale brands that are already doing over $80M a year to the next level.

We understand complex challenges you are facing right now and most likely already have seen them and solved them many times.

Often solutions to real growth is not in just Facebook Ads, but how you make it work with other channels in omni-channel funnel. This is a data art we've been perfecting for years.



How are you different from other agencies?

1. Honesty & Openness - is an integral value of AdKings, and something a lot of our clients appreciate highly.

We believe that any good partnership is based on transparent communication and is open to challenging topics.

2. Care & Putting You First - We care about clients' business as our own, and we strive to provide the best possible service to you.

In most typical agencies, you have one person working with 10 to 30 accounts; we limit that to 3-4 per person to ensure the quality and care that you deserve.

You will also never find us trying to "close" you just for the sake of making money without the ability to provide results.

3. Cutting Edge Digital Marketing - We've generated over $204M in DTC sales, spent over $71M on ads, executed over 40 000+ creative and 100 000+ A/B tests. We have data on what works and what doesn't.

What type of businesses you're working with?

1. Bootstrapped eCommerce, DTC, online businesses with high-growth potential.

Preferably in the $1M to $100M revenue range, albeit with special circumstances like a great product, early traction or founding team, we can take businesses with smaller revenue.

2. VC-funded startups in eCommerce, DTC and online business space from an early revenue stage to maturity.

3. Enterprise businesses or private equity clients in helping them to acquire brands and solidify their marketing efforts.

What do your services typically cost?

We're not the cheapest agency. If the brand wants the best deal, many other agencies have a single person managing 10 to 30 clients and can give that.

We believe in quality and working with clients who appreciate the extra care and the results that come from it.

In our case typical advertiser only works with 3-4 clients to ensure the time and energy commitment needed to get above average results.

Our project's monthly fees currently start from $5-7k and can range up to $80k depending on business needs, services, resources we need to deploy and results that we get to the brand.

Our pricing model is based on the Base Fee + Performance Fee structure taken from our channels managed ad spend or revenue.

How do you choose your new clients?

Because we work with a small number of clients we're highly-selective about whom we work with.

We're looking for not just a financial side but brands our team would enjoy working with, and founders who view the world with the same integrity we do.

If the above is true, we then look at your brand, products, ambitions and state of the market to determine if we're the right fit numerically to be working together.

Do you work with brands that are <$1M?

Yes, we do work with smaller brands than $1M a year in one of the two special cases:

1. Brands with excellent products, high-growth potential, and the amazing team behind.

2. Brands that have a 3rd party funding. Either is VC-funded or have other business or branches financing the experimentation stage.

When will I see significant increase in my sales?

First of all, we can't promise you anything. If an agency is out there promising you a world without seeing what you're doing - they are lying.

We will be able to comment on this more after discovery call and an account analysis.

What we can say is statistical averages of our clients:

1. 92% average clients retention.
2. 349% average clients yearly growth (bigger for smaller businesses <$5M, smaller for bigger ones $15M+)
3. 44% of clients successfully acquire VC funding.


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