Rolling Square: How We Boosted A Tech DTC Brand’s Revenue By 5X In 6 Months - Over 800k!

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5X Growth
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About The Brand

Our tech client’s philosophy is solving problems in a minimalistic way. Their vision is to remove barriers between people and technology by producing products that enhance life. They create high-quality, intuitive technology that seamlessly improves day-to-day living. 

Based in Switzerland, this diverse team of gifted innovators refer to themselves as tech minimalists. They are true problem solvers, consistently launching new, game-changing products. 

Their products are built based on the design expertise of Italian designers and the feedback of thousands of users. They focus on three main goals; functionality, premium quality and high-end design - creating technology that is not only useful but beautifully aesthetic. 

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The Challenges

Our expert marketing analysis identified these areas of improvement: 

Technical issues 

- The client’s account used different attribution settings, which made it difficult to analyze the data and skewed reporting. 

- Their campaigns were not using any exclusions, which resulted in targeting the same audience. 

- Manual bids were not being used, and offline conversions needed to be implemented.

- They were only using one ad per ad set - we recommend three to five.


- The brand was not using video ads which consistently perform better than images.

- mages were simple, repetitive and did not stand out.

- Copy lacked unique selling points and persuasion.

Remarketing funnel 

- Their account was only retargeting visitors from the past 30 days.

- Their retargeting funnel was not subsequent using only broad remarketing windows.

- Lack of customer testimonials and sale incentives.

Google Analytics 

- Their account was not optimized, and their data showed fluctuating results.

- A separate targeting option is needed as their 45+ age demographic provided higher conversions.

- Exclusion testing for other countries is required since the US is their primary market.

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The Strategy

These are the strategic solutions we implemented to reflect the brand’s mission and the dynamic marketplace. 

Strategy #1: Website Optimization

Our client is a relatively new brand; however, they are continuously improving their website and launching new products. Our CRO service optimized their website in a variety of ways. 

Split-testing their landing pages was used to identify which one performed best and ensure new product releases were successful.

We increased the speed load keeping visitors engaged on the page longer. 

Additionally, we added gadgets that increased the conversion rate and average customer order value. 

Our objective was to supply the necessary tools and expertise to magnify what they  created and ensure maximum profitability.

Strategy #2: High-converting Creatives

We constructed eye-catching, persuasive creatives with the client’s core brand values and guidelines. Our creatives displayed what the brand stands for, how they are unique and how their offer is irresistible. 

We used psychological insights, target audience research, and unique selling points to spark interest and create a demand. 

Not only did this make their content convert, but it placed them far above the competition.

Strategy #3: Broad Targeting and Tracking

Prior to working with Adkings, the brand’s media buying strategy focused on campaigns targeting repetitive, limited interests - and they were fizzling out fast. This made it difficult to achieve a long-term winning campaign. 

In addition, their retargeting funnel was continuously underperforming and not being used to its full extent. This indicated that something was clearly not working. 

With the help of a reliable tracking system, we implemented a broad targeting strategy to generate new leads and convert visitors. This allowed us to reach a large audience and acquire an extensive customer base.

Strategy #3: Google Ads

We completely restructured their Google ads account, which initiated rapid scale. 

This was achieved with high-performance copy, targeted keywords and increasing performance max campaigns.

Google ads have massive reach, allow for a range of targeting, and provide quick results.

The Result

Our client’s brand exploded by 5x in 6 months - even with a bump along the way!

Month 1 - 3 (Gradual scale)

In this first phase, we implemented winning creatives and tested dynamic ads (like crazy!). 

We drastically improved their retargeting funnel by using catalog sales campaigns and carousels. 

One aspect to never overlook is the power of influential creatives. They should be eye-catching, target the audience's pain points, and differentiate the brand from the competition.

We began managing their Google ads and doubled their ad spend while maintaining 3x ROAS

We also started conversion rate optimization and broad audience testing for targeted campaigns. 

Broad audience testing showcases the ads to as many people as possible. Reviewing the audience insights makes it possible to see what type of people reacted to the ads most - providing the perfect target audience for the next campaign! 

The brand also released new products that increased the customer average order value. Plus, we steadily scaled their monthly revenue from 65k to 123k! 

Month 4 (Speed bump)

The start of phase 2 was anything but smooth sailing. We encountered a major Facebook pixel issue where campaigns were overreporting, learning incorrect data and sending the wrong traffic to their website (a nightmare!). 

Subsequently, we were forced to downscale and drop budget for two weeks.  

This was not ideal. However, without accurate data, the marketing efforts would not only be a waste, they could be detrimental.

Dan Zarrella summed it up perfectly by saying, “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.”

At this point, we decided it was a prime opportunity to set up the OptimizeX tracking system. We re-launched all campaigns and allowed two weeks for the new system to learn and start performing again. 

During this challenging time, we focused on creating content showcasing what made their product unmatched in the industry. 

We focused on promoting their technology’s USPs (unique selling points). USP is the essence of what makes a product better than its competitors. Advertising the USP clearly and quickly is one of the keys to turning a visitor into a customer. 

Promoting specific angles made their audience feel they couldn’t live without their product. 

We even found new winning creatives, such as a Reddit-style post, during our testing. 

During this time, we also concentrated on scaling Google Ads - which was a huge success! We sent more data to Google by connecting to the Google Search Console, which allowed us to optimize their campaigns at lightning speed. 

Although we only had a short period of accurate data this month, we still managed to close with 122K in revenue. 

Month 5 - 6 (Scaling HARD)

Now that everything was running full steam ahead, in phase 3, we successfully increased their ad spend each week - doubling in only three weeks! 

By restructuring their Google Ads account, we were able to begin experimenting with prospecting keywords, enabling them to scale even faster. 

This was perfect timing leading into the week of Black Friday. We created UGC content and carousel ads that did incredibly well in the retargeting funnel and pushed out a very enticing Black Friday offer. 

UGC (user-generated content) creates greater trust between the brand and the customer.  It is authentic and user-centric content created to provide an honest representation of the customer experience. In short, customers trust other customers. 

Additionally, carousel posts are fantastic for showcasing different products, highlighting videos and increasing traffic. Each post can include up to 10 images and videos that users can swipe through.

Combining UGC and carousels with an irresistible Black Friday offer created a strong launching pad for the New Year - and completed month six with a bang!